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Today, ASP Adjunct Fellow, August Cole, argued that “government red tape” is hindering U.S. space development.


Why SpaceX Should Replace Russia as Air Force’s Rocket Engine Maker” showcases the current issues stemming from a reliance on Russian engines — among the other pitfalls of working with US space agencies.  Cole states that:

“The larger issue is, the way government buys everything from fighter planes to this kind of launch capability,” Cole said, “it’s not in step with the way the commercial world works, and that gap between the financial accountability side and public sector side is as wide as it’s probably ever been because on the commercial sector, we’re seeing incredible price pressure as companies are working to hold down costs.”

Cole goes on to explain the ramifications of inaction


“America’s ability to reliably launch military satellites using its own rockets is going to be one of the most important national security advantages that it could have in the coming decades”

Read more about August’s work for ASP and space in his recent report, National Security and America’s Space Challenge


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