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The American Security Project is hosting an event:


A Conversation with Dr. Aboulghar

Founder and Elected Leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party

Egypt & Military Plane

March 31, 10:30-11:30AM


Join us on Monday, March 31st as the American Security Project  hosts Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar, founder and leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

As Egypt’s new presidential elections draw near, the future of the country still holds many uncertainties.  What will be the main contentions revolving around Egypt’s Presidential and Parliamentary  elections?  What sorts of obstacles will political opposition present for the country’s next push for democratization?  And how should domestic reforms aim to bring tourism and economic prosperity back to the Nile Delta?

This in-depth discussion will attempt to craft some answers to these questions and offer an invaluable opportunity to gain new knowledge from Dr. Aboulghar’s first-hand experience in Egypt’s road towards stable democracy and economic development.

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The American Security Project

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Coffee and light refreshments will be served prior to the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Professor Mohamed Aboulghar is a professor of medicine at Cairo University and is the founder and elected leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

Dr. Aboulghar is a veteran of Egyptian politics and, most recently, was a member of the Constitutional Committee of 50, which drafted the Constitution that Egyptians approved overwhelmingly in January 2014. An outspoken opponent of dictatorship and fascism, Dr. Aboulghar has written hundreds of articles in Egyptian media outlets and currently writes regular columns in daily and weekly publications.

He participated in the Egyptian Revolution from its earliest movements. Following the January 25th revolution, he founded the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, which achieved fourth place in parliamentary elections only a few months after its founding. The party has 14,000 active registered members and 42 headquarters covering most of the governorates of Egypt and became a member of Socialist International in September 2012.

Together with other Egyptian civil party leaders, Dr. Aboulghar formed the “National Salvation Front,” a group that organized in 2012 in opposition to the constitution that the Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamist allies imposed on Egyptians without due process. He subsequently took an active role in the June 2013 protests.

Dr. Aboulghar is a founder of two political groups opposed to former President Hosni Mubarak: “Kefaya,” the first movement against the rule of Mubarak and the passing of power to his son, and “the National Association for Change,” a prominent advocate of political reform before Mubarak’s removal. He was also a founder and leader of the “March 9 movement” for free academia, which worked inside Egyptian universities to advocate freedom of research and freedom of thought.

As the current elected leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Dr. Aboulghar participated as a keynote speaker in the Swedish Social Democratic Party conference in April 2013 and participated in the 150th Anniversary of the Social Democratic Party conference in May 2013.

Aside from his political activities, Dr. Aboulghar is founder and clinical director of Egypt’s first center dedicated to treatment of infertility. He has published more than 100 pieces of scientific research in international medical journals and received the National Award for Scientific Excellence in 1999.



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