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Netherlands to upgrade flood defences to cope with climate change

Sophie Yeo / RTCC

A national effort is underway in the Netherlands to upgrade the thousands of miles of dykes and dams responsible for keeping the country dry.

Ukrainian Activists Work to Counter Russian Narrative on Social Networks

Robert Mackey/The New York Times

Faced with what they call misleading reports on Russian state television that ethnic-nationalist violence is sweeping Ukraine, Internet-savvy Ukrainian activists drew attention on Sunday to video and images posted online that showed street protests in support of the new government in Kiev, and acts of violence instigated by men waving the Russian flag.

U.S. Promises $1 Billion For Ukraine

Denver Nicks / Times

The United States announced Tuesday a massive aid package for Ukraine, including loan guarantees and technical assistance to as the country seeks to stabilize its fragile economy amid a tense standoff with Russia.

US pushes Israel on Middle East deal

Al Jazeera and the Associated Press

In a meeting at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama said Monday it was imperative that Israel act fast to make peace with the Palestinians and help pave the way toward the establishment of a sovereign state of Palestine.

China says military will respond to provocations

The Associated Press

China’s military is prepared to respond to all threats to the country’s sovereignty, a government spokeswoman said Tuesday, ahead of the expected announcement of another big bump in defense spending.

Ukraine crisis resurrects Cold War ghosts as U.S. warns Russia, Poland appeals to NATO

Karen DeYoung / Washington Post

Cold War shadows loomed ever larger over the crisis in Ukraine on Monday, as the United States and Russia traded bitter accusations at the United Nations, the Obama administration sought to mobilize international outrage against Moscow, and nervous Eastern Europeans sought Western protection.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer to retire after 18 years

Chris O’Brien / LA Times

Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer will retire at the end of September after 18 years at the company.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

Europe Should Embargo Imports of Russian Natural Gas

Andrew Holland

The situation in the Ukraine is getting out of control. To put pressure on Russia, the Europeans should cease buying natural gas through the Nord Stream.


NERC Geomagnetic Disturbance Events (GMD) Reliability Standards: Comments Due Soon

Andrew Charles Wills

With over 200,000 miles of transmission lines spanning from coast-to-coast, purveyors of the North American power grid, from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to the North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) and all the utilities and energy entities in between, must stay abreast of potential threats to the viability and reliability of consistent energy


Are We Underestimating the Benefits of US Trade?

Brendan Connell

Paul Krugman’s recent column in the NY Times called the economic effects of TPP overstated, saying that failed TPP negotiations would be “no big deal”. But should we be restricting the utility of US trade within the bounds of just pure economics?


ASP in San Francisco: National Security Threats of Climate Change

BGen Stephen A. Cheney

On Tuesday February 25, representatives of the American Security Project visited San Francisco for a lunch discussion on how climate change is affecting national security, and the livelihood of people living in California.


British Military Bases at Risk to Extreme Climate

William Fassuliotis

In 2012, ASP noted that climate change could put American bases around the world at risk. As rainstorms inundate England, the British military has reached similar conclusions.

ASP in the News

ASP’s Andrew Holland in Mother Jones

American Security Project’s Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, was quoted in a recent article on Mother Jones.


Hart and Augustine: Why 9/11 can happen again

In the LA Times this morning, ASP Board Members Sen. Gary Hart and Norman R. Augustine wrote an oped on the Congressional oversight over homeland security issues.


ASP’s Pittsburgh Event on

A recent article quoted American Security Project’s Brig. General Stephen Cheney, CEO, Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, and Rear Admiral Dr. David Titley.


ASP’s Andrew Holland on America’s Fusion Race in Defense One

American Security Project’s Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, was quoted in a recent article by Defense One’s Patrick Tucker.

ASP Recent Publications

Mapping the Conflict in Aleppo, Syria

American Security Project


Over the course of four months American Security Project supported Caerus Associates and First Mile Geo in what may be the highest fidelity, time series analysis of the ongoing human tragedy unfolding inside of Aleppo, Syria


America’s Energy Choices – 2014

American Security Project


Three years after ASP first released “America’s Energy Choices” in 2011, the U.S. remains stuck in a political stalemate over energy. Even so, the energy choices made years or even decades ago by politicians, businesses, and consumers have led to a revolution in how the U.S. produces energy. The reality of change in America’s energy system is far different from the stagnation of the political debate.


Upcoming Events

EVENT INVITE: Defense Budget and Acquisition Reform

­American Security Project


Since sequestration and passage of the new budget the Defense Department has been adjusting to a reduced funding environment – and 2014 won’t be much different. The speaker will discuss the outlook for Pentagon spending in 2014.


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