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[ posted by Charles Cameron — essentially a guest-post swiped from Cheryl Rofer ]


Map credit: U Texas Perry-Casteñeda Library Map Collection


Here is blog-friend Cheryl Rofer‘s latest update on Ukraine, for your reading interest:

I’ve been selecting some of the better articles to read on the situation in Ukraine and writing a bit about how I understand things. That’s been at Nuclear Diner – too much happening this week to cross-post. Here are those posts and some additional reading.

Yanukovych out, officials flee to Russia

Ukraine update – 24 February

Ukraine update – 26 February

Ukraine update – 28 February

Plus some background I’ve written:

Ukraine historical background with maps

Russia as winner – not so much actually, with more damage likely.

Leadership without leaders

And we post political cartoons every Sunday morning. Articles from others:

Explainer: The Budapest Memorandum And Its Relevance To Crimea

The Russian Duma has approved the use of military force in Ukraine. Here’s the resolution.

Some basics of Crimean history.

A wide-ranging commentary on Russia’s thinking from Strobe Talbott, who was a special advisor to the US State Department dealing with the former Soviet space after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Timothy Snyder’s articles are very worth reading. The part of the world between Germany and Russia is poorly understood by many Western commentators. You really need to spend some time on it, even live there for a bit, to understand the contradictions to some of our common wisdom.

Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine

Ukraine: The Haze of Propaganda



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