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A recent article quoted American Security Project’s Brig. General Stephen Cheney, CEO, Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, and Rear Admiral Dr. David Titley.

Entitled “Climate Change Looming As Threat to U.S. National Security,” writer Terrell Johnson extensively quotes them from a recent ASP event held in Pittsburgh.

“We’re here to say, don’t let this issue die.” About 15,000 U.S. forces across every service branch – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – were called in to help. “How do you plan for that? How do you budget for that? The military’s got to look at that and ask, how do we afford that, how do we position forces to respond to that,” said Cheney. “It’s not an easy issue. It’s going to impact everybody.”
“What do you do when entire islands go away? Right now, the world dials 911-NAVY – that’s U.S. Navy – to come and respond to these events… When entire countries start to go away, that’s real national security problems,” Holland adds. “When you’re no longer able to grow the food in entire African countries that they need to survive, what do you do and how are you going to deal with that?”
“I don’t want to have this as a single issue, and if it is, that means it’s really not effective,” Titley said. “My fantasy for climate change is that we stop talking about climate change as just climate change, and it starts getting looked at one of the drivers of the twenty-first century.”

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