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In an oped over the weekend for Forbes Dina Khayat, a leading Egyptian business women, set out some of the realities Egyptians face with the Muslim Brotherhood.

She noted:

Mohamed Morsi’s one year tenure however, turned all Brotherhood assertions to a lie. Within a few months, Mr. Morsi proceeded to put himself above the law, surrounded himself solely with Brotherhood cronies, and drove the economy into the ground. The tens of millions who poured out on the streets on June 30 asking for his removal also put to rest the common wisdom that the Brotherhood was an uncontestable force.

Dina goes on to set out some of the ways the Brotherhood are trying to disrupt and even terrorize Egypt.

She concludes by saying:

It would be a mistake to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and their militant offshoots can be contained through appeasement. The Brotherhood’s values are not US values and never were.  Sooner or later these values are bound to clash. By that time however, the US will have  jeopardized its vital interests in the region as well as influence and credibility.

Read Dina’s full oped here

A few weeks ago, ASP’s BGen Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.) had a chance to visit Cairo and many of the civil society leaders there, check out his blog on the visit here: Egypt: the realities on the ground

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