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America’s Energy Choices – 2014

American Security Project

Three years after ASP first released “America’s Energy Choices” in 2011, the U.S. remains stuck in a political stalemate over energy. Even so, the energy choices made years or even decades ago by politicians, businesses, and consumers have led to a revolution in how the U.S. produces energy. The reality of change in America’s energy system is far different from the stagnation of the political debate.

In the News

Top 5 Climate and Energy Stories for 2014

Manish Bapna / Forbes

As we prepare for the State of the Union address tonight, here are five of the most important stories and decisions the Obama administration must navigate through in 2014.

Glass Cage Silences Morsi During Egyptian Trial

Mayy El Sheikh and David D. Kirkpatrick / The New York Times

The deposed former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, stands trial for conspiring with foreign militant movements to break into prisons. To restrict his communication, Mr. Morsi was placed in a glass cage with an externally controlled microphone. This was only his second public appearance since being ousted in July.

Iran Nuclear Talks Shift to New York in Mid-February

Jay Solomon and Laurence Norman / The Wall Street Journal

Multilateral negotiations between Iran and other global powers will begin mid-February in New York. Previous negotiations took place in Geneva. The shift hopes to take advantage of the large United Nations presence in New York.

Thousands of Pakistanis Flee Tribal Belt Fearing More Air Strikes

Saud Mehsud / Reuters

Thousands of Pakistani villagers have fled from North Waziristan in anticipation of major military operations by the Pakistani government against Islamist militants. Officials say 23,000 refugees have fled to the more peaceful town of Bannu.

Company Struggles to Keep U.S. in the Uranium Enrichment Game

Matthew L. Wald / The New York Times

United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), the only American-owned company that enriches uranium, prepares for bankruptcy. At the same time European and Russian uranium enrichment companies are expanding.

Members of the Elders visit Tehran to Promote Accord with World Powers

Jason Rezaian / Washington Post

“Members of the Elders,” a group of former statesman and high-profile peace mediators promoted by the late Nelson Mandela will visit Tehran hoping to use their moral clout to help diplomatic talks.

Central African Republic: ‘Without help, our country would be in flames’

Martin Plaut / The Guardian

As the Central African Republic continues its state of chaos and violence, Christian and Muslim religious leaders tour European capitals hoping to gain European support to stabilize and prevent ethnic cleansing in their country.

Upcoming Events

Fusion Power and ITER
US House of Representatives

Sustainable and controlled fusion power has been a dream for the scientific community for decades. However, recent advances in research and technology have raised hopes that fusion could become a new source of electricity.

Defense Budget in 2014: A Conversation with Russell Rumbaugh
American Security Project

Since sequestration and passage of the new budget, the Defense Department has been adjusting to a reduced funding environment – and 2014 won’t be much different. The speaker will discuss the outlook for Pentagon spending in 2014

On Our Flashpoint Blog

ASP Congratulates Cultural Diplomats Della Mae on their Grammy Nomination
Matthew Wallin

Della Mae has demonstrated that they are not only exceptional musicians, but exceptional cultural diplomats as well. They represent some of the finest talent this country offers, and set a great example for audiences at home and abroad.

Top Military Officials Summoned to Pentagon to Ensure Nuclear Security
Nathan Daniels

The Air Force recently announced that it had suspended the security clearances of 34 nuclear launch officials, from the commanding officer on down, due to allegations of irresponsible behavior and cheating on the proficiency exam that personnel must pass before becoming a part of the nuclear force.

ASP in the News

Wallin in The Public Diplomat: US Public Diplomacy Priorities Podcast
Discussing his Top 10 US Public Diplomacy Priorities for 2014, Matthew Wallin spoke to The Public Diplomat’s Michael Ardaiolo and Guy Golan on the public diplomacy outlook for 2014.

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