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On January 6, a New York Times article by their new environmental reporter, Coral Davenport, talked about how the American Security Project has made the case that climate change is a threat to national security. The article, “Kerry Quietly Makes Priority of Climate Pact”  discusses Secretary of State Kerry’s long work on climate change, and how he is making it a priority in his role at the State Department. The article says that Kerry “was one of the founders of a think tank, the American Security Project, that defined climate change as a national security threat.”


The article discusses how Kerry is making the 2015 UN Climate Negotiations a priority. This is important – but it also is important that climate change is now being treated as a “Whole of Government” problem, not just a Department of Energy or EPA issue. As ASP’s Climate Security Report makes clear, climate change is an issue that should be addressed by agencies from the DoD to State, Homeland Security to Interior. Kerry is right to include climate in all of the interactions with foreign governments – other leaders within the government are doing the same.

As the article says, ASP is a leading authority on the impacts of climate change on national security. For more detail, see:

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