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Syria in numbers: Why the UN has made a record $6.5-billion appeal
The Globe and Mail
The U.N. has made a record appeal to the world in trying to raise $6.5 billion for those that are affected by the Syrian conflict.

Attacks across Iraq kill at least 47 people
Continuing the wave of violence, a group of suicide bombers launched an attack on a police station in Baghdad.

Ukraine Economy Under Threat Amid Street Protests
Associated Press
Ukrainian leadership faces difficult decisions in whether it should receive help from Russia amid popular protests.

Curfew in South Sudan after fighting breaks out. Was it a coup attempt?
Christian Science Monitor
South Sudan has declared a curfew after the President announced that the recent night of gun battles was an attempted coup.

Police and ‘Rioters’ in Fatal Clash in Western China
NY Times
At least 16 were killed when police clashed with attackers in a the Xinjiang province in Western China.

The Middle Eastern snowstorm, viewed from space
Washington Post
A rare snowstorm has struck the Middle East, snowing more in some places than it has in 50 years.

Iran committed to making a deal
David Ignatius / Washington Post
Despite the recent snag in the Iran nuclear deal, the Iranian foreign minister reiterated that Iran is committed to making the deal work.


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