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US Official to Ukraine Protest Leaders

David M. Herszenhorn/New York Times

A senior American official urged the leaders of the Ukrainian protest movement on Thursday to find a solution to the crisis that would adhere to the Ukrainian Constitution.


US Citizen shot in Benghazi

Kevin Sullivan/Washington Post

A U.S. citizen was shot and killed Thursday in Benghazi, Libya.  Officials at the International School of Benghazi identified the victim as teacher Ronnie Smith.


Hardline Islamist Party Backs Constitution


The ultraorthodox Nour Party that backed the army’s ouster of President Mohamed Mursi, urged Egyptians to vote in favor of a new constitution in an upcoming referendum, saying that would spare the country more turmoil.


Thai King Calls for Unity

Jonathan Head/BBC

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand has urged people to support each other for the sake of the country, in his address to the nation on his birthday.


Microsoft to Encrypt Data

Craig Timberg/Washington Post

Microsoft plans to encrypt data flowing through all of its communication, productivity and other services as it seeks to reassure users in the United States and beyond that it will guard their personal information from snooping governments.


Mexico Tries to Box Cobalt

Olga R. Rodriquez /Houston Chronicle

Officials were engaged Thursday in the delicate task of recovering a stolen shipment of highly radioactive cobalt-60 abandoned in a rural field in central Mexico state.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

National Research Council – Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change

Farhad Mirzadeh

New report by National Research Council discusses the abrupt impact of climate change and advocates for climate early warning detection systems.


ASP Events

Climate Security Vulnerability in Africa: Strategic Implications for the United States

Climate change acts as an accelerant of instability that the United States will have to respond – both big and small. As ASP’s 2012 Climate Security Report found, “Africa is the continent most likely to suffer the worst effects of climate change due to its reliance on subsistence rain-fed agriculture, rapidly increasing population and the degradation of natural resources.” Dr. Josh Busby, will discuss the specific impact climate change is having on Africa.

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