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Ethiopia hailed as ‘African lion’ with fastest creation of millionaires

David Smith / The Guardian


Michael Buerk’s famished Ethiopia of 1984 has become a nation achieving 93% GDP growth in six years.


US Trade Deficit Drops To $40.6 Billion in October

Martin Crutsinger / Associated Press


The U.S. trade deficit fell in October, helped by America’s energy boom that lifted overall exports to an all-time high.

Egypt government Preparing Law to Protect Investments



The Egyptian government is preparing a law to reinforce the legal standing of past contracts with the state, Mohamed Abazeid, an adviser to Egypt’s investment minister, told a gathering designed to lure investment from Gulf Arab states and businessmen on Wednesday.


Biden urges Chinese to ‘challenge government’ on visit



His visit is expected to focus on an air defense zone declared by China which covers islands controlled by Japan in the East China Sea.


Hezbollah suffers heaviest blow in years as commander is shot dead in Beirut

Harriet Sherwood / The Guardian


Shia militia blames Israel for killing Hassan Howlo al-Laqqis, but responsibility is claimed by previously unknown Sunni group


‘Dangerous’ radioactive material stolen in Mexico truck: IAEA



Thieves have made off with a truck in Mexico carrying a dangerous radioactive material used in medical treatments, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday.


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U.S. Competitiveness: A Matter of National Security

Dante A. Disparte


Rarely will you find agreement among military brass, business leaders and academics on issues of national security.  Yet this convergence occurred between Harvard Business School’s (HBS) U.S. Competitiveness Project and the American Security Project (ASP), a bipartisan think-tank that emphasizes a holistic definition of national security to include military and economic strength.  Both organizations independently surveyed the state of U.S. competitiveness and came to surprisingly similar conclusions.


Market Risk and Global Mobility

Dante A. Disparte


Firms are not only scrambling to compete in BRIC countries, they are also looking beyond the horizon for growth in frontier markets in Sub Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.  Despite the inherent risks of expatriation to emerging and developing economies, international assignments are slated to grow 50% by 2020, according to a recent PwC study.


AP Report Attacks in Sinai Peninsula Linked to Morsi

Farhad Mirzadeh


Violence in the Sinai Peninsula is growing and turning into a full-fledged insurgence as jihadi groups mount Al-Qaeda style suicide attacks, according to a report by the Associated Press.


ASP in the News


ASP’s Climate Security Report Quoted in National Defense Magazine

In an article examining the U.S. Military’s preparedness for climate change, National Defense Magazine heavily quoted ASP’s 2012 Climate Security Report
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