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Iran Nuclear Talks


Iran’s Supreme Leader has warned his country will not step back “one iota” from its nuclear rights, as it resumes talks with world powers in Geneva.


Russia Releases Greenpeace Activist on Bail

Maria Tsvetkova/Reuters

Russia released on bail Brazilian Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel, one of 28 activists and two journalists, arrested during a Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling.  Twenty of those detained on Sept. 18 have now been granted bail this week.


US & Afghanistan Agree on Security Pact

USA Today

Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. and Afghanistan have reached an agreement on the final language of a bilateral security agreement. The agreement will govern the presence of U.S. forces in Afghanistan after the NATO combat mission ends next year.


Man Arrested in Libération Shooting

Kim Willsher/The Guardian

French police have arrested a man they suspect to be the gunman who spread panic across Paris for three days after shooting and critically injuring a young man at the offices of the newspaper Libération on Monday.


Car Bombing in Sinai Peninsula

Salma El Wardany/BloombergBusinessweek

At least 11 Egyptian soldiers were killed when a car bomb hit their bus in the Sinai Peninsula, in the latest attack on security forces battling insurgents. About 34 others were wounded when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into one of two buses carrying off-duty soldiers.


Sardinia Hit by Cyclone Cleopatra

Matthew Price/BBC

At least 18 people, including four children, have been killed in flooding on the Italian island of Sardinia after a cyclone and heavy rain. A number of people are reported missing after rivers burst their banks. Cars were swept away and bridges collapsed.


Obama Bestows Medal of Honor on Clinton, Oprah

Washington Post

President Barack Obama paid tribute Wednesday to former President John F. Kennedy’s legacy, joining former President Bill Clinton to lay a wreath at Kennedy’s grave.  Obama also bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on prominent Americans including Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.


Ancient Martian Crust

Mike Wall/NBC News

A meteorite found last year in the Sahara Desert is likely the first recognized piece of ancient Martian crust, a new study reports. The Mars meteorite NWA 7533 is 4.4 billion years old and contains evidence of long-ago asteroid strikes.


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The Future of Nuclear Power: Christine Todd Whitman

Brendan Zehner

ASP Board Member, former New Jersey Governor, and former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman spoke at the American Security Project on Tuesday, November 20 on the topic of nuclear power.


Bangladesh on the Brink? House Hearing Tomorrow

Farhad Mirzadeh

The House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific will have a hearing to discuss the issues that face Bangladesh.

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