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Dutch ask sea tribunal to free Greenpeace activists
A Dutch ship with Greenpeace advocates was seized by Russian authorities. The Dutch government is attempting to use the Law of the Sea Treaty to resolve the issue.

Egypt’s Christians close ranks as kidnappings spike
Christian Science Monitor
Almost 100 Christians have been kidnapped for ransom since the Egyptian revolution and Christian groups are demanding action.

China’s mysterious Third Plenum
A recent meeting for the CCP where they discuss their upcoming agenda and goals ended as quickly as it started.

Geography, Timing Worsened Typhoon’s Punch in Philippines
Wall Street Journal
The combination of geography and timing of the Typhoon magnified the scale of impact.

Netanyahu Halts Some Settlement Plans, but Others to Proceed
NY Times
In an effort to not exacerbate tensions with the United States, Israel halted construction of some of its settlements.

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