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For Many Iranians, ‘Death To America’ Are Just Words
Despite the fact that many Iranians gathered to chant “Death to America,” many of the protestors were not as virulently anti-American as they have been in years past.

EYES on the SKIES, MARTIANS: INDIA is COMING with a probe
The Register
India is preparing to launch its own Mars Probe tomorrow in order to prove that they have the capability to get to Mars and conduct research.

Musharraf granted bail in Red Mosque murder case, should end house arrest
The Washington Post
Former Pakistani leader Musharraf was granted bail for his alleged criminal role during a 2007 siege at a mosque.

Afghan President criticizes U.S. drone strike that killed Pakistani Taliban leader
Afghan President Hamid Karzai met with a US delegation in Kabul and criticized the death of Pakistan’s Taliban leader, citing the potential implications for Afghan-Pakistani cooperation.

Amnesty International: Jordan is deporting Syrian refugees
Christian Science Monitor
Some of the half a million Syrian refugees in Jordan are beginning to be deported. Many blame the refugees for the sharp rise in housing prices and scarcity of jobs. Such deportations are a violation of international law.

Former Egypt President Morsi’s trial opens; ‘This is illegitimate,’ he says.
Christian Science Monitor
A defiant Morsi enters the courtroom for his trial and claims that the trial is illegitimate. Meanwhile, Morsi supporters clash violently with anti-Morsi supporters.

Climate Scientists Press Enviros to Support Nuclear Power
National Journal
Top environmental scientists wrote an open letter to international organizations and governments around the world expressing their support for nuclear power as a way to reduce the threat of climate change.


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