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Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Richard Spencer/The Telegraph

Police arrested Essam el-Erian in an apartment in Cairo.  Mr. Erian had been on the run since a warrant was issued for his arrest following the army’s overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi.


Suicide Blast in Tunisia


There has been a suicide bomb attack in the Tunisian Mediterranean resort town of Sousse on a beach in front of a hotel.  Security sources say police have foiled a separate plot to attack ex-President Habib Bourguiba’s tomb.


French Taken Captive in Niger Free

Elaine Ganley and Rukmini Callimachi/Bloomberg Businessweek

Four Frenchmen taken hostage by al-Qaida extremists in Niger have been released after three years of captivity and a French-led military intervention in the region that weakened the Islamic radicals.


Syria Fires Official Who Tried to Broker Peace

Anne Barnard/NY Times

Qadri Jamil, a deputy prime minister of Syria who had been its most outspoken voice in favor of reform, was fired on Tuesday.  He was dismissed following a meeting with US officials.


UN to Lead Efforts to Defend Earth from Asteroids

Richard Gray/The Telegraph

The UN is to lead international efforts to create plans to defend the Earth from asteroids that pose a collision risk.  The UN’s Action Team on Near Earth Objects is to work with space agencies around the world to draw up missions in response to asteroid threats.


China Detains 5 in Connection to Tiananmen Attack

Megha Rajagopalan and Michael Martina/Reuters

China said on Wednesday it had caught five suspected Islamist militants after a vehicle burst into flames on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in what police called a terrorist attack.


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Russia’ Gazprom Problem

Brendan Zehner

Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned natural gas company, is the largest natural gas company in the world.  It is a big problem for one particular country, Russia.


Event Recap: New Leadership in Iran – Time for Rapprochement?

Joshua Miller

Ambassador William Miller, Dr. Patrick Clawson, Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi, and Dr. Andrew Parasiliti discuss the latest developments in Iran and the prospects for rapprochement with the West.


Bangladesh at Risk

Farhad Mirzadeh

The current political impasse in Bangladesh poses several risks including violence, terrorism, and economic downturn.


Qatar Seeks Solutions to Food Insecurity

Farhad Mirzadeh

Qatar takes proactive measures to mitigate against declining food production.


ASP Events

A Conversation with Laura Rozen and Barbara Slavin: Reporting on Iran

Since the election of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, the Islamic Republic has sought to strike a deal with the P5+1 in order to end sanctions. Laura Rozen and Barbara Slavin will discuss the latest round of talks. Join us for a conversation on the current state and future prospects for diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program.

The Future of Nuclear Power – A Conversation with Christine Todd Whitman

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 0830 – 0930: The political debate on nuclear power has been stuck on the same debates for 30 years, but the technology has rapidly advanced. What is the outlook for the American nuclear industry? Governor Whitman will address these questions, and more.

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