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Another Round of Pro-Morsi Protest Planned on Friday

Ariel Ben Solomon / The Jerusalem Post

Muslim Brotherhood supporters are calling for protests of Egypt’s Interim Government


Iraq: Wave of car, suicide blasts kills at least 46

Adam Schreck / Chron

Violence continues in Iraq as several car bombs detonated in predominantly Shiite neighborhoods claims dozens of lives.


Syria chemical arms team ‘turned back after safety fears’


UN inspectors in Syria have successfully been investigating and disposing of Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities. Lack of security, however, has forced them cancel one site visit.


U.S. says talks intense, serious after Iran hints at atomic concessions

Louis Charbonneau and Yaganeh Torbati / Reuters

US talks with Iran and six other world powers continues. Disagreements remain, however, and no breakthroughs are yet reported.


Shutdown Over, Government Slowly Gets Back to Normal

Michael D. Shear / New York Times

The 16-day shutdown is over, for now…Congress prepares for the budget talks ahead as hundreds of thousands of furloughed employees are coming back to work.


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P5+1 Talks with Iran are Substantive and Insightful

Joshua Miller

Talks between Western powers and Iran continue in a friendly and candid manner. Many problems still exist, however, and it is too early to call the negotiations a success.


How the West is Losing the Pacific

Brendan Zehner

New powers like China and the UAE are gaining influence in the South Pacific through infrastructure-building projects while the power of western nations in the regions depletes/


The Implications of Climate Change on the Islands of the Asia Pacific

Special Guest Dhanasree Jarayam

The fate of island nations looks grim as global warming leads to calamities like freshwater shortages and sinking islands.


Debt fight reveals America’s strategic vulnerabilities

August Cole

America is losing its ability to lead globally in support of a free-market system, to nurture a responsive democratic political system and to uphold a social contract that honors economic and social progress for its citizens.


ASP in the News

Fusion Energy Research

ASP Senior Fellow Andrew Holland was quoted in an article by Energy and Environment Publishing.  Holland explains how a lack of investment has hindered research on fusion energy.

ASP Events

A Conversation with Sergii Bondarchuk – Ukraine and its Future in the World

On October 22, ASP will host Sergii Bondarchuk for a conversation about Ukraine today and in the future.  The conference begins at 12:30 PM, and all are invited to attend.






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