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Shutdown Doesn’t Stop at America’s Shores

Glenn Nye/Forbes

As the US is in day 14 of the government shutdown, most of the focus has been on the impact at home.  But the shutdown has serious repercussions for US foreign policy as well, including its free trade agreements with Europe and the Pacific.


Iran Works on Nuclear Deal


Iran may allow unannounced visits to its nuclear sites as part of a proposal being negotiated in Geneva between Iran and P5+1: Britain, China, France, Russia, America, and Germany.  The P5+1 countries want Iran to give up its halt its uranium enrichment and hand over some of its stockpiles, while Iran wants the world to end their economic sanctions.


US Army Captain William Swenson Awarded Medal of Honor


Retired Captain William Swenson received the Medal of Honor for repeatedly risking his life to save fellow soldiers and recover the dead.  He is only the sixth living recipient of the Medal of Honor.


Tokyo Typhoon

Times of India

This morning a Typhoon Wipha hit Japan’s east coast, killing 13 people and triggering landslides.  With winds up to 110 mph, Wipha caused serious problems for Tokyo’s public transportation system as well.


Plane Crash in Laos

Associated Press

A Laos Airlines plane crashed in Laos today, killing all 44 people aboard.  The plane crashed 4-5 miles short of the international airport at Pakse.


Paraguayan Couple Gets Married


Jose Manuel Riella and Martina Lopez got married after living together for more than 80 years.  Though they had a civil marriage 49 years into their relationship, they had never had a religious ceremony.


Apple Slashes iPhone 5c

Radhika Sanghani/The Telegraph

Orders for iPhone 5c have been cut for the last three months of the year.  As a cheap alternative to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c is rumored to be in low demand.


ASP in the News

Fusion Energy Research

ASP Senior Fellow Andrew Holland was quoted in an article by Energy and Environment Publishing.  Holland explains how a lack of investment has hindered research on fusion energy.


ASP Events

A Conversation with Sergii Bondarchuk – Ukraine and its Future in the World

On October 22, ASP will host Sergii Bondarchuk for a conversation about Ukraine today and in the future.  The conference begins at 12:30 PM, and all are invited to attend.

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