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Liberia’s Charles Taylor transferred to UK
BBC News
Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor has arrived in the UK to serve the remainder of his 50-year prison sentence for war crimes. He was convicted on 11 charges including terrorism, rape, murder, and the use of child soldiers in the Sierra Leone conflict. Taylor has sent a letter to the court saying he wanted to serve his sentence in Rwanda for “fear of being attacked” in British prison.


House G.O.P. Backs Off Plan, Leaving Fiscal Talks in Limbo
Jeremy W. Peters, Michael D. Shear, Jonathan Weisman / NY Times

House Republican leaders struggled late Tuesday morning to forge a new proposal to reopen the government and change the president’s health care law, after a plan presented behind closed doors to the Republican rank and file failed to immediately attract enough support to pass.


West praises ‘useful, detailed’ Iran nuclear proposal
Laura Rozen / The Back Channel

Iran presented a nuclear proposal to six world powers in Geneva, which western diplomats unusually praised as “very useful” and detailed. Discussions included technical details that lasted throughout the afternoon – ending the meeting in a very positive light.


Muslims Mark Eid Al-Adha Holiday
ABC News

Muslims around the world held Eid-Aldha celebrations by slaughtering sheep and other livestock to give meat to the poor in the biggest holiday of the Islamic calendar.


To Save the Submarines, Eliminate ICBMs and Bombers
Christopher Preble and Matt Fay / Defense One


The United States should eliminate the bomber and ICBM elements of the nuclear triad – which would save American taxpayers around $20 billion a year and put the savings towards the development of Ohio-class submarines. Bombers and ICBMs have been rendered obsolete within the context of the 21st century, and a submarine-based monad is more than efficient for America’s deterrence needs.


Air Force fires commander of land-based U.S. nuclear arsenal
Craig Whitlock / The Washington Post

The Air Force fired the general in charge of all land-based nuclear missiles due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment. Air Force officials said the commander had been under investigations since the summer for allegations of “personal misbehavior.”


ASP in the News

Senior Fellow Andrew Holland Mentioned in E&E News

Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, Andrew Holland, was quoted in E&E news on the lack of investment in nuclear fusion programs. Serious progressive steps have been made in nuclear fusion in the face of budgetary cuts, but much is still to be made for scientists to reach “ignition” – releasing more energy than the amount used in triggering the reaction.




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