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US Suspends Most Military Assistance to Egypt
Voice of America

The State Department has decided to suspend the transfer of major weapons and other military aid because of delays in progress towards an inclusive government.

Taliban renews threat against Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai as Nobel decision nears
Washington Post

The Taliban issues new threats against Malala Yousafzai as she continues to be an outspoken critic of Taliban practices.

Afghan students leave home to find a safe place to go to school
Washington Post

Afghan students are leaving in their families to escape Taliban attacks on school so they can continue their education.

Libyan Prime Minister Is Kidnapped, Then Freed
NY Times

In a sign of potential instability in Libya, the Prime Minister  of the transitional government was captured for a short period of time and then released.

MIT’s New Iron Man Suit to Give US Soldiers Super Strength, Night Vision and Liquid Armour
International Business Times

The Tactial Assault Operator Suit (TALOS), or Iron Man suit, will include nanotechnology and an onboard computation chip.

Pakistan rearrests ex-president Musharraf over Red Mosque deaths

Former Pakistani President Musharraf is arrested for being responsible for over 100 deaths at the Red Mosque in 2007.

Morocco’s king names new ministers to end deadlock

After being plagued with deadlock,  the Moroccan Prime Minister reached a deal to create a new coalition with new ministers by increasing the ministers from 30 to 39.

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