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5 Takeaways from the U.S. Special Ops Raids in Somalia and Libya

The recent counterterrorism raids shed light on the prevailing elements of the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism strategy.

America’s New $100 Bill Is Awesome (but Still Nowhere Near as Awesome as Kazakhstan’s Currency)
Derek Thompson / The Atlantic

While the new $100 bill is one of the most sophisticated pieces of currency technology in U.S. history, it still doesn’t compete with the artistic and complex notes of Kazakhstan.

China predicted to be largest tourist market for U.S. in 2018

China is expected to bring in 4.7 million tourists annually starting in 2018 as the U.S. and China seek to cooperate on tourism promotion.

Liberal leader urges Egyptian army chief not to run for president

The army chief that orchestrated the fall of Mohamed Mursi is being urged not to run for president but still has not ruled out the possibility.

‘Continuous’ nuclear fusion comes one step closer
The Independent

Researchers and scientists at the National Ignition Facility have overcome a giant obstacle by running an experiment in which energy output exceeded the energy absorbed by the fuel.

Yellen Fighting for Job Growth Doesn’t Give Ground on Inflation

The successor to Ben Bernanke aims for a higher inflation target while also trying to promote job growth.

Rightsizing the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
Jon B. Wolfsthal / Arms Control Association

The U.S. nuclear arsenal requires a downsizing considering the costs in maintaining and modernizing the current arsenal.


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Fusion Makes Great Progress
Farhad Mirzadeh

Fusion energy research makes a large breakthrough at the National Ignition Facility where an experiment yielded more energy output than was absorbed by the fuel.


Australia’s Top Legislative Priority: Abolish the Carbon Tax
Farhad Mirzadeh

Australia’s new Prime Minister is repealing the carbon tax despite the positive effects it had in reducing emissions and helping the economy.






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