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3rd October 2013

Italy boat sinking: Hundreds feared dead off Lampedusa
BBC News
At least 130 African migrants have died and many more are missing after a boat carrying them to Europe sank off the southern Italian island of Lempedusa. Passengers reportedly threw themselves into the sea after a fire broke out on board. More than 150 of the migrants have been rescued.

Second journalist charged by Russia over Greenpeace Arctic oil rig protest
Roland Oliphant / The Telegraph
A total of 30 people including Greenpeace activists, crew members and two photographers have been detained and charged with piracy after Russian forces boarded the group’s Arctic Sunrise icebreaker. The vessel has been staging a protest against Arctic oil drilling at one of Gazprom’s oil platforms.


Nigerian Passenger Plane Crashes on Takeoff Killing 14
Chris Kay & Yinka Ibukun / Bloomberg


An Embraer 120 plane carrying 20 people headed for southwestern Nigeria crashed shortly after takeoff from Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, killing at least 14. This incident follows Nigeria’s deadliest crash in almost 40 years.

Activists on all sides in Egypt feel the chill
Laura King / Los Angeles Times
In Egypt, where nearly three years of political upheaval first toppled a tyrant, then ushered in and tossed out an Islamist government, and finally propelled a military man to power, activists of all stripes – many of them part of country’s intellectual elite – are feeling the chill from the authority’s expansion of powers.


Tropical Storm Karen forms in the Gulf of Mexico; hurricane watch from La. to Fla.
CBS News

Preparations began Thursday along the central Gulf Coast as newly formed Tropical Storm Karen was about 485 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River and had a maximum sustained winds of 65 mph. David Bernard, CBS News weather consultant, expected Karen to slow as it approaches the coast, signifying the likelihood of major rains.


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The Top Five Energy and Climate Related Impacts of the Government Shut Down
Andrew Holland

How is the shut down impacting energy? Doesn’t everything flourish without government oversight? Not exactly: here’s a list of the top 5 impacts of the shutdown on energy and climate issues.

Iran divided over diplomatic efforts in Iran
Joshua Miller

A clear majority of Iran’s assembly reportedly supported President Rouhani’s diplomatic efforts with President Obama over Iran’s nuclear program. However, other conservative groups within the country still cling to the ideological undertones of Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolutionary Iran – displaying a divided Iran.

Podcast – Bangladesh Conference: Session One – A Political Outlook
American Security Project

Session one was characterized as a discussion on the current political developments in Bangladesh and relate them to the potential for instability and conflict in the region.

Podcast – Bangladesh Conference: Session Two – Threats of Rising Militancy and Terrorism
American Security Project

Session two included a discussion on the profiles of various terrorist groups in Bangladesh and their connection to other parts of the region.

Podcast – Bangladesh Conference: Session Three – Bangladesh’s Economy: Prospects and Challenges
American Security Project

Session three included a discussion on the growth of Bangladesh’s economy as it opens up to the world and its bilateral and multilateral trade partners.

Podcast – Bangladesh Conference: Session Four – Bangladesh and its Relationship with the Neighborhood
American Security Project

Session four focused on the impact of various environmental and security issues for Bangladesh and the broader region.

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American Security Project Attends Climate Week NYC 2013

BGen Stephen Cheney, American Security Project CEO, delivers his address to the crowd of The Climate Group at Climate Week. Leaders from public and private sectors came together and discussed the need for change to a low carbon economy.

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