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2 October 2013

WWII Veterans storm DC memorial

Leo Shane III / Stars and Stripes


Four busloads of WWII veterans were not hampered the barricades blocking access to the World War II Memorial.  On Tuesday, the Honor Flight participants ignored National Park Police instructions not to enter the site as lawmakers and tourists cheered them on.


DoD to Award Contracts Throughout Shutdown

Marcus Weisgerber / Defense News


The Department of Defense will continue to award hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts despite the government-wide shutdown; however, the DoD will not publicly announce the contracts until after the shutdown is resolved.


Christine Todd Whitman on Keeping Nuclear in the US Energy Mix

Conway Irwin / Breaking Energy


While nuclear power has its detractors, some would argue that it will be critical to meeting growing U.S. electricity demand.  Todd Whitman points out that “nuclear is the only form of base power that releases no greenhouse gases while it’s producing power.”


BBC Coverage of IPCC Climate Report Criticized for Skeptics’ Airtime

Fiona Harvey / The Guardian


The BBC was criticized for providing too much airtime to climate skeptics when it covered the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fifth Assessment Report.


Italy PM Letta wins confidence vote after Berlusconi u-turn

Associated Press / Washington Post


Silvio Berlusconi threw his support behind the government of Premier Enrico Letta during a confidence vote after Letta made an impassioned plea to keep his coalition government alive and Berlusconi lost the backing of members of his own party.

Outgoing U.S. Commander warns about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Craig Whitlock / Washington Post


Army General James D. Thruman, outgoing commander of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula, has issued a warning that Kim Jong Un needs to be kept under close watch as he continues to consolidate power with unclear foreign policy intentions.


Netanyahu Pushes Back on Iran

The Editorial Board / New York Times


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel warned the world, in a speech at the UN, not to trust the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Mr. Netanyahu called Mr. Rouhani “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and claimed Iran is still determined to build its nuclear weapons arsenal, despite Rouhani’s claims otherwise.


Obama Cancels Trip to Philippines and Malaysia

Gerry Mullany / New York Times


President Obama has canceled his trip next week to the Philippines and Malaysia because of the budget standoff in Washington, DC.  Secretary of State John Kerry will go in President Obama’s stead.


South Korea and U.S. Sign pact ‘to deter North Korea threat’



South Korea and the U.S. have signed a military pact that provides for more coordinated response against possible threats from North Korea


U.S. to expel Venezuelan Diplomats in retaliation



The U.S. has expelled three Venezuelan diplomats in retaliation for Caracas expelling three American officials.


14 Years of Undermining Public Diplomacy

Robert Schadler / US News Weekly


In addition to lacking top leadership and being in organizational disarray, the U.S. State Department’s Public Diplomacy division has no strategic vision about what the government should be doing to inform key foreign publics.


Iranian media splits over diplomatic outreach

Tehran Bureau / The Guardian


Iranian media outlets are torn between praising and condemning new President Hassan Rouhani’s interactions with the U.S.


On Our Flashpoint Blog


Global Warming Makes Solving the 21st Century Problems Much Harder

Andrew Holland


Climate change is a “threat multiplier” or an “accelerant of instability,” but is not necessarily the planet’s biggest problem.



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