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America is failing to meet challenges of a changing Arctic
Andrew Holland / Alaska Dispatch

ASP Senior Fellow Andrew Holland discusses the challenges and opportunities posed by Arctic melting.


Most of Syria’s toxins can be destroyed more easily than officials initially thought
Joby Warrick/ Washington Post

Officials have found that a substantial portion of Syria’s chemical weapons are unweaponized, meaning they can be neutralized fairly easily.


How Terrorism in Kenya Challenges Us to Be One With Somalis
Matt Freear/ Huffington Post

ASP Adjunct Fellow Matt Freear discusses how recent upticks of terrorist attacks in Kenya expose a rift in al-Shabaab that the international community can expose.


The US promised a visa to my Afghan interpreter. Now it’s been revoked
Matt Zeller/ The Guardian

A local Afghan interpreter that bravely saved the life of an American during a firefight has been denied his visa to come to the United States.


Animal shrinking blamed on global warming
CBC News

Scientists and commentators disagree on whether global warming is wholly responsible for animal shrinking, but some research shows that warmer weather may cause animals to expend more energy, making them smaller.


The Bo Xilai conviction, China’s warning shot on the limits of populism
Patrick Brown/ CBC News

Bo Xilai, former politburo member and champion of populist policies, is arrested for charges on corruption.


Climate Economists Deftly Tackle their Second-Hardest Question
Eric Roston/ Bloomberg

Climate economists try to tackle the difficult issue of finding a good balance of finding the right strategies to mitigate the effects of warming to prevent extraordinary costs in the future.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

IPCC Report Shows Climate Change Risk is Real and Urgent
Andrew Holland

The IPCC released the first part of its 5th Assessment Report and analyzes the physical science basis for climate change.

China’s growing power, ethnic unrest and relaxed internet access, what’s next?
Cara Doglione

China is attempting to soften its imagine to soften its image and make it more attractable for businesses to locate easing restrictions on censorship.

ASP Podcast – The Future of Nuclear Energy
American Security Project

ASP senior fellow Andrew Holland joins Brian Marrs, a power markets specialist, and Robert Petroski, a nuclear engineer, to create a podcast on the future of nuclear power.


Upcoming ASP Events

Bangladesh at a Crossroads: A Political and Security Outlook

ASP and Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies are hosting an event on October 1st to discuss security issues of Bangladesh and the stability of the wider South Asian region.

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