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Back in 2006, as my father was dealing with advanced dementia, our family faced a serious set of challenges. In addition to his health problems, we struggled with the lack of transparency in what his health insurance plan covered, and with substantial out-out-pocket costs. We were often left with unanticipated bills after appointments and medical procedures with little recourse.  

At times it felt as though the system was set up against us. On several occasions, his insurance company interfered with his treatment, dictating important decisions about his care rather than his doctors. And there was little we could do about it. Helping my mom navigate the process proved to be a frustrating and expensive burden on us. Throughout it all, I would often wonder how many other families were in the same boat struggling with rising health care costs and the worst insurance industry abuses.  

Not long after my dad passed away I first heard then Senator Obama speak about his own mother’s struggles with health insurance and the need to pass health reform. I knew that I had to be a part of making that change. Since joining the Obama Administration in 2009, I’ve worked hard to help implement the Affordable Care Act. It’s an honor to come to work every day at the White House to help make this landmark legislation a reality for millions of hard-working Americans who will benefit from the security and peace of mind of having health insurance.

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