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ASP’s Director for Nuclear Security, Terri Lodge, and Fellow Matthew Wallin penned an op-ed for CNN on the evolving diplomatic situation concerning Iran‘s nuclear program.

Analyzing whether or not Iran is serious about negotiating on it’s nuclear program, they wrote:

The United States should not dismiss Iran’s rhetoric and its apparent litmus testing as insignificant. Though a deal will be difficult, as many negotiations are, it’s not impossible to reach an agreement if Iran is willing to take the steps necessary. That, of course, is still a big “if.”

Lodge and Wallin continued:

It’s no secret among diplomats and experts what a final deal will probably look like: Iran will retain a small level of enrichment capability under a very strict regimen of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which will also have ready access. So far, such a deal has never been in reach; the United States and its diplomatic partners still have a long way to go. Because of this, some would rather continue to fight for complete Iranian capitulation and zero ability to conduct nuclear activities of any sort, a result that does not allow the Iranian regime a chance to “save face.”

Be sure to read the full op-ed at CNN.

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