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Are Oil and Climate Change Fanning the Flames in Syria?
Amy Harder / National Journal

American Security Project’s Andrew Holland appears in an experts discussion on the role of climate change in creating conditions that led up to the crisis in Syria.

Offensive Charm
Jeremi Suri / Foreign Affairs

Putin’s OpEd in the New York Times, an attempt to win over the American public on the issue of Syria, is part of the ongoing strategy for foreign nations to try and influence the American public on various issues so that policymakers will succumb to popular pressures.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, endorses diplomacy over militarism
Jason Rezaian / Washington Post

Khamenei supports diplomatic solutions with the U.S. over any potential military conflict. He restates that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons because it is against their beliefs.

Mexico: Deadly Storms on Both Coasts
NY Times

Two Tropical storms, Ingrid and Manuel, drenched both coasts of Mexico causing floods cutting off highways and setting off deadly landslides in a national emergency that had caused at least 34 deaths.

Russia, France admit to differences on how to resolve Syria conflict
Times of India

Russia and France disagree on how best to proceed with Syria. The main point at issue is whether the government is responsible for using chemical weapons with Russia denying the claim that the Syrian government was involved.

Crisis in Greece: PM Samaras sees recovery by 2019

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says the country will return to pre-crisis levels by 2019 amid growing agitation and worker strikes.

Is this alternative energy’s time in the sun?
John Waggoner / Asbury Park Press

Despite increasing oil production in the U.S., the price of oil will inevitable continue rising, prompting many to turn to cheapening sources of alternative energy like wind and solar power.



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