Center for Strategic Communication

[by J. Scott Shipman]


0730-0800 Introduction, Stan Coerr

0800-0900 Michael Niehuser (1 hour) The Colonel John R. Boyd Oral History Project:  A Search for The Truth

0920-1020 Francis J.H. Park (1 hour) How The USMC Came to Maneuver Warfare

1040-1140 Jim Burton — Recollections of John Boyd

Lunch brought in

1215-1315 Michael Moore (1 hour) Boyd and the Big Picture

1335-1405 Andrew Dziengeleski (35 min) Operational Planning in Afghanistan or How John Boyd Rolled Over in His Grave

1420-1450 Mark Hart (30 min) A Graphics Version of Operating Inside Adversary’s OODA Loops

1605-1650 Alexander Olesker (45 min) Counter-deception in the Information Age


0800 – 0900 Dean Lenane (1 hour) Using Boyd in Business

0915-1000 Bob Weiman (45 min) Strategic Legalism Indicator of Bad Strategy According to Boyd

1015-1115 Carlos Balarezo & Robert Paterson (1 hour) Get Inside Your Own OODA Loop: A Practical Tool

Lunch brought in

1145-1245 Dave Diehl (1 hour) Boyd & the Cyber Domain

1300-1400 Jim Roche (1 hour) Boyd, Neuroscience, and the Decision Cycle

1415-1515 Pete Turner (1 hour) Mass Communications in Support of Political Development


Slots remain to attend but if you have not, RSVP via email.

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