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Malala Yousafzai, teen shot by Taliban, gets kids’ peace prize
CBC News

Malala Yousafzai is awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize for her work in promoting access to education for women in Pakistan.

Inside Canada’s top-secret diplomatic exit from Iran
Terry Milewski/ CBC News

Canada devises ingenious methods for exiting Iran without arousing Iranian suspicion.

U.S. drone kills 6 militants in Pakistan
Associated Press/ CBC News

A pair of missiles launched by drones killed six suspected militants that are said to be associated with the Afghan Haqqani network.

Date Set for Olympic Torch Spacewalk

“The Olympic torch will go for its first-ever spacewalk November 9 after its launch schedule was confirmed by a Russian cosmonaut Friday.”

Pakistan, Chinese spokesperson to coordinate on public diplomacy
Tahir Khan/ NewsPakistan

China and Pakistan seek to maintain close contact and have more exchange of media delegations as the two countries embark on further economic cooperation.

China back to drawing board as shale gas fails to flow

After observing the success of the U.S. shale gas boom, China must revisit failed initiatives to stimulate shale gas exploration despite sitting on reserves double the size of which are in the U.S.

Terrorists Launch Rocket Attack at Commercial Ship in Suez Canal
USNI News Editor/ USNI News

A youtube video, alleged to have been issued by the group Al-Furqan show two men with fire at a Chinese merchant ship. The incident poses problems for the Egyptian military as well as shipping insurers, both of which rely on large numbers of shipping flowing into the country from the Suez.