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What Is The Future Of American Nuclear Power? A Conversation With Christine Todd Whitman

Josh Wolfe / Forbes

“Studies have shown that the closer people live to nuclear reactors, the more comfortable they are with nuclear, and the more they appreciate the safety of this energy and the benefits to the community. These studies excluded people who work at the nuclear sites. The farther people live from a reactor, the greater the lack of information.”


Beware: The Pitfalls of Success
Joe Byerly / Defense Entrepreneurs Forum

Be accountable for your successes and failures. Know how to closely examine your successes and failures for future improvement. Make leaders document their successes.


Asian Carriers By the Numbers
Kyle Mizokami / USNI News

The expansion of the number of aircraft carrier ships being built and the possible impacts.


General Fusion Appoints Two Industry Leaders to Its Board of Directors
Paul Sullivan / Digital Journal

General Fusion, a Canadian company developing fusion power has two new experts on its team.  Jacques Besnainou, who has experience in nuclear reactor design and construction, and Frederick W. Buckman, a nuclear engineer from MIT.  General Fusion focuses on developing economically viable fusion energy.


Framing Camera Used to Observe Behaviors of Plasma for Fusion Energy Power Generator.
By James Carroll / Vision Systems

“Fusion energy research and development company Sorlox Corporation uses Deuterium as a fuel source for its Nautilus Compressor, which employs an electric field to generate hot plasma.”


Iran Transfers Nuclear Talks to Foreign Ministry

Associated Press

“Iran’s president has confirmed that the foreign ministry will lead nuclear talks with world powers in a shift away from security officials setting Tehran’s strategies for the critical negotiations.”


New Pics: MV-22, Hornet in Refueling Tests
Amy Butler / Aviation Week

The U.S. Marine Corps is interested in the Hornet as a possible air craft.