Center for Strategic Communication

Stephen A. Cheney recently published an article in the Orlando Sentinel on August 30, 2013. The article argued in favor of utilizing drones as a tactic in modern warfare due to its myriad of capabilities and uses.

Cheney’s article argued:

A strong case in favor of drones distinguishes policy (the decision whether to use lethal force) from technology (the platform used), and embraces the tactical advantage of unmanned systems. Such a case in favor of drones considers them as merely one tool within a larger counterterrorism strategy.

He continued:

Ultimately, distance killing has been a tactical goal in warfare for centuries, from drones and smart missiles to cannons and crossbows. UAVs are simply the latest in a long line of weapons systems incorporating cutting-edge computing and satellite technology that soldiers control remotely and for which they are accountable.


Read the entire op-ed at the Orlando Sentinel (subscription only).