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Fusion Scientist Steven CowleySteven Cowley, the Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and the Director of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, home to the UK’s JET tokamak. Cowley said earlier this month in Dublin that nuclear fusion will be a viable energy source. He thinks the target of viability can be achieved sooner than the targeted date of the 2040s.

We agree. Former Senator Gary Hart and Norm Augustine, two of ASP’s board members, published an op-ed in Forbes in March that issued a “Challenge to America: Develop Fusion Power within a Decade.” ASP’s White Paper, “Fusion Power, a 10 Year Plan for Energy Security” shows a roadmap for how to make sustained progress into developing fusion over the next decade.

Professor Cowley gave a TED talk over four years ago saying “Fusion is Energy’s Future.” He has said that, “with a crash program, you could reach fusion in 20 years perhaps.” Cowley is one of the leading voices in fusion. As the international community moves forward with ITER, he will be one of the most important leaders on this issue.

You can watch his talk below:

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