Center for Strategic Communication

Things I Learned Crossing the Last Three Feet

James Thomas Snyder

After serving with NATO for years, Snyder considers lessons learned in public diplomacy and communication with foreign publics.


Marya Hannun / Foreign Policy

Hannun discusses what politicians employ Twitter to their benefit, and who is the ruler of the “Twitterverse”. She employs four methods of measuring cyber-influence.

Russia Today: Putin’s Weapon in the War of Images

Benjamin Bidder / Speigel

The international news network Russia Today is outperforming many of its competitors, using an effective combination of money, anti-Americanism and sex appeal. Even American news icon Larry King has “defected to the Russians”.

Egypt’s Top General and His U.S. Lessons in Democracy

Tom Bowman / NPR

Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who helped overthrow Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was trained at the Army War College seven years ago. Bowman interviews those that interacted with him during his time in the U.S.

MSF closes operations in Somalia over ‘extreme attacks’


Following “extreme attacks on its staff”, Medecins Sans Frontieres will be closing its programming in Somalia after 22 years of operations.

Reaffirming India’s South China Sea Credentials

Chietigi Bajpaee / The Diplomat

After unveiling its first domestically developed aircraft carrier and its first domestically developed nuclear submarine, India looks to continue increasing its relevance in Asia in a maritime role.

Hollywood studios reach deal with China over tax row


After studios protested missing payments from box office hits, the Motion Picture Association of America and Chinese officials have reached agreement.

Kerry Visits the neighborhood- Colombia and Brazil

Diana Villiers Negroponte / Brookings

After many trips to the Middle East, Secretary of State Kerry visits America’s “backyard” in an attempt to improve relations.