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Elon Musk to outline ‘Hyperloop’ idea

Jonathan Amos / BBC

Elon Musk continues speaking of a “Hyperloop” that would provide rapid transit between LA and San Francisco.

Chinese cargo ship sets sail for Arctic short-cut

Tom Mitchell, Richard Milne / Financial Times

Climate changes have opened up a short cut that may reduce shipping times between China and Europe. A Chinese cargo ship attempted the first Chinese commercial transit of the Northeast Passage, above Russia.

Fracking should get public support, said David Cameron


David Cameron wrote in the Daily Telegraph that all of the UK should benefit from shale gas drilling, clarifying previous statements on future locations of drilling.

Indian-built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant launched


India unveiled a home-built aircraft carrier, becoming the fifth country able to produce this type of ship.

Reactor powered up on first ‘Made in India’ nuclear sub

Scott Neuman / NPR

India also activated the reactor aboard the INS Arihant, and is the first nuclear-powered submarine built by a country other than the U.S., U.K., France, Russia or China.

Putin Walks Alone

Anna Nemtsova / Foreign Policy

Nemtsova considers the Russian President’s domestic versus international image.

German utilities hammered in market favoring renewable

Tino Andresen / Bloomberg

Germany has designated a clear preference for clean energy, and traditional utility markets are struggling to form new business models.


Marya Hannun / Foreign Policy

Hannun investigates four different Twitter analytics tools to see which politicians “rule the Twitterverse”.

ASP Recent Publications

FACT SHEET- American Competitiveness and National Security

The security of our nation inherently depends upon the strength of our ability to compete in the global market place while simultaneously raising living standards at home.

U.S. Public Diplomacy Towards Iran

This report explores several types of public diplomacy aimed towards Iran, and looks into some of the challenges and potential of these programs as part of an overall strategy for addressing U.S. national security interests.

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Loss of Louisiana Wetlands Increases Vulnerability to Climate Change

Nicholas Cunningham

Louisiana has experience its fair share of severe storms, but the loss of wetlands means the Gulf Coast is losing one of its key insurance policies against climate change.

Bay of Bengal- A Hotspot for Climate Insecurity

Andrew Holland

On the Bay of Bengal’s coast these problems of a changing climate combine with already existing social problems like religious strife, poverty, political uncertainty, high population density and rapid urbanization to create a very dangerous cocktail of already security threats.

ASP in the News

ASP’s Andrew Holland Cited in Washington Post

Brad Plumer, of The Washington Post’s WonkBlog wrote an interesting article on the ongoing academic research on the link between climate change and violence, and linked to a blog post written by ASP’s Andrew Holland.

Paul Rockower in the Huffington Post: The Public Diplomacy of Free France During WWII

ASP Adjunct Fellow Paul Rockower’s piece on Free France’s public diplomacy during WWII has subsequently appeared in the Huffington Post.