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Unfriend: State Dept’s social media shop is DC’s “Red-headed stepchild”

John Hudson / Foreign Policy

The State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs is riddled with organizational and directional problems, and has its fair share of defenders and accusers.

They hate us, they really hate us

Marc Lynch / Foreign Policy

Anti-Americanism is growing in Egypt, and Lynch warns against continued American involvement.

Thousands greet pope in Brazil

Al Jazeera

Thousands gathered to celebrate the first foreign visit of the new pope who is working to revitalize the image of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

Propaganda? No. Bringing ‘Voice of America’ to America is good for transparency

Josh Stearns / PBS

Contrary to popular belief, allowing BBG to broadcast in America will improve transparency. The BBG will also increase foreign coverage with its expansion of foreign bureaus.

Another perspective on IIP social media strategy

Craig Hayden / Intermap

Hayden argues IIP critiques are overly harsh, but recommends increased institutional integration and more straightforward goals.

The Hard Side of Soft Power

Zachary Keck / The Diplomat

Keck points out that soft power and hard power are oftentimes confused, and the two cannot be compared like apples and oranges.

World leaders are on Twitter, but they’re not using it

Brian Fung / The New York Times

Even though many international diplomats are on Twitter, few are using it to interact with other diplomats and their followers.

On Our Flashpoint Blog…

IIP: The Red-headed stepchild of the State Department?

Matthew Wallin and Katrina Trost

The Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) has directional and organizational problems but it does not deserve to be labeled the “red-headed stepchild” of the State Department.

Public Diplomacy Events in D.C.

U.S.- Russia Relations and the Asia-Pacific

A panel at IISS to discuss challenges and opportunities to the U.S.- Russia relationship presented by the Asia-Pacific Region.