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Choose Pemex over the Pact

The Economist

The Economist recommends that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reform Mexico’s energy business, even if it requires abandonment of the Pact for Mexico.

U.S. nuclear liability premiums adjusted

World Nuclear News

New rates were set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to take account of inflation.

Chemical Board to rebuke unacceptable delay on U.S. rules

Mark Drajem / Bloomberg 

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board plans to publically rebuke the Obama’s administration lack of action to impose recommended energy field changes.

Future U.S. economic competitiveness increasingly tied to well-being of minority children

Associated Press

Minority children will form the core of the U.S. workforce, but many remain impoverished and under educated.

Why don’t farmers believe in climate change?

David Biello / Slate

Agriculture is the second-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions, but many American farmers are not undertaking efforts to combat climate change.

Global Insights: Troubles ahead of U.S. transition in Afghanistan

Richard Weitz / World Politics Review

Warnings of challenges surrounding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan were heard at last week’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Shell’s biggest oil platform heads for deep-water Gulf

Emily Pickrell / Fuel Fix

Shell’s Olympus platform left Ingleside, Texas to make its way to Mars B Field in the Gulf of Mexico.

A sneak peek of the national grid on renewables

Martin LaMonica / Technology Review

A new research facility investigates ways countries can prepare for an energy system that relies on renewable energy.

North Korean ship caught smuggling weapons and missile material through Panama Canal

Tom Phillips, Harriet Alexander / The Telegraph

Drug agents raided a ship travelling from Cuba to North Korea, and found missile components underneath a cargo of sugar.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

Crafting a new policy for the crisis in Egypt (No, not the political one)

Ollie Engebretson

The political crisis in Egypt requires a reorientation of U.S. foreign policy, the first step being to acknowledge that the true crisis exists in the country’s imminent economic collapse.

ASP Podcast- Gen. Muniruzzaman: the effects of climate change and security in SE Asia

Andrew Holland spoke with General Muniruzzaman, the President of the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Stories about the impacts of climate change on security in the South Asia region.

Department of Energy reveals climate change risks to energy sector in new report

Evan Meltzer

The steadily worsening effects of climate change- drought, floods, heat, rising sea levels, and severe storms- pose serious threats to the U.S. energy sector. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) details this issue in their newly published report, “U.S. Energy Sector vulnerabilities to climate change and extreme weather.”

Event Recap – Restoring American Competiveness: A National Security Crisis

Justin Winikoff

On Wednesday, ASP collaborated with the Harvard Business School for a panel discussion on slipping American Competitiveness. The panel, featuring competiveness expert Dr. Michael Porter, examined the business and national security implications of our diminishing global leadership.

ASP in the News

ASP Board Member Norman Augustine and American Competitiveness Principles Quoted by National Defense Magazine

The National Defense Magazine recently published an article reviewing ASP’s American Competitiveness Day Panel Discussion. The article quotes Dr. Michael Porter and Dr. Jan Rivkin of the Harvard Business School as well as ASP Board Member Mr. Norman R. Augustine. The principals of the panel spoke to the effect slipping American Competitiveness has on our national security.

Dr. Michael Porter Quoted at ASP’s American Competitiveness Panel

Harvard Business School professor Dr. Michael Porter’s remarks at the American Security Project’s Capitol Hill Panel, “Restoring American Competitiveness: A National Security Crisis” were quoted by the Washington Free Beacon. Principals of the HBS and ASP spoke about America’s slipping competitiveness and areas for reform.

Matthew Wallin Publishes Op-Ed on Current State of U.S. Public Diplomacy Medium

ASP’s Matthew Wallin published an op-ed today in Medium exploring the current state of America’s public diplomacy.