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On July 2, Canadian authorities announced the arrest of two Canadian-born citizens in a terror plot involving pressure cooker bombs. The two suspects, who were “inspired by al Qaeda ideology,” targeted a public gathering at the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria on Canada Day, July 1.

Over the past few days, details have emerged on the two suspects, John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody, who authorities said had “self-radicalized.” On July 3, Threat Matrix examined some of the couple’s online activities, in particular those related to Nuttall’s music career in a variety of punk bands.

Canadian news accounts since have reported the existence of more accounts tied to both Korody and Nuttall. These accounts provide few, if any, indications of jihadist sympathies. Korody, like Nuttall, used to operate a Myspace account. In 2005, Korody was also active on Flickr and Live Journal. Neighbors have also suspected that in the past Korody acted as a prostitute, in some cases posting on Craigslist, according to the CBC.

But other social media accounts tied to the couple which were active within the last year provided more worrying signs. The most prominent example is the couple’s activities on YouTube. Additionally, media reports have suggested that posts in a paintball forum could have also provided signals for authorities.

According to Canadian press reports, Nuttall was active on YouTube, where he adopted the username “ana nimity.” The account is linked to Korody’s Google account. While it is possible that the two suspects both used the account, it appears Nuttall was behind most of the posts.

In many of the postings under the “ana nimity” username there were numerous diatribes against the United States and Israel. For example, in one posting within the last year, one of the suspects wrote, “Muslims are the only ones brave enough to stand against the tyrannical USA and Israeli gov who command them.” In another posting, one of the two wrote, “Tell united snakes of america and israhell to be peacefull. An eye for an eye, and usa and Israel will be a distant memory inshAllah soon!”

Korody or Nuttall also denounced Canadian Prime Minister Harper. “F*** you harper you racist Islamophobe. F*** you from BC Canaduh eh….,” one of the two wrote in the comments on one YouTube video.

In another comment about nine months ago, one of the two wrote that they wanted to “live in a Muslim country so bad. I hate this sinful place [Canada].” In a separate post, Korody or Nuttall said they would rather kick an American soldier’s “face in for killing people and being a marauding, raping and pillaging,” rather than shake their hand. Additionally, about nine months ago, someone behind the account denounced Salman Rushdie, whom they referred to as a “kafir.”

Responding to a comment that the Prophet Mohammed was a “flaming homosexual,” Nuttall or Korody (more likely Nuttall) wrote: “Hey kafir, you wanna say that to my face? I live in Surrey BC Vancouver , I will meet you on the corner of 99th and 120th on the train tracks. I cant wait to meet you kafir. I am a Mujahid and inshAllah I will die a Shaheed! Call me so we can set this up kaffir mushriqun. My number is 604-655-5470 ask for John. But by the sounds of you, I may as well march my wife up there to fight you. Im waiting ….” The phone number listed was also used by Nuttall on the paintball forum.
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The couple’s comments on jihadist material online

Nine months ago, one of the two suspects commented on a video about the sentencing of Aafia Siddiqui, an al Qaeda operative. The video was uploaded by Abu Nusaybah, who was recently charged with three terror offenses by British authorities. “It could happen to you … Subhannallah,” Korody or Nuttall commented on the video.

Nuttall or Korody also commented on videos featuring al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Anwar al Awlaki. Designated by the US as a global terrorist in July 2010, Awlaki was killed in a drone strike along with Samir Khan in September 2011.

The suspects appear to have watched official al Qaeda videos on YouTube as well. In response to one As Sahab video featuring Shaykh Ustadh Muhammed Yasir, the account tied to Korody and Nuttal wrote, “What a great talk. MashAllah. But what are we to do?” Similarly, in response to an old video of jihadists firing weapons with a Nashid accompaniment, the account tied to Nuttall and Korody wrote: “I pray every day for your success and may Allah smile upon you all. Jazak Allahu Khair.. You are not forgotten. Allah says The Mujahideen are granted a rank above other Muslims and rightly so, You are what is best in men and truly are my inspiration. When I feel weak in my Iman or disheartened I think of you. Roaring Takbir from Canada!”

About 11 months ago, one of the two wrote “Mashallah!” in response to a video detailing some of the story of American jihadist Omar Hammami. And commenting on a video released by Jundallah Studio, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’s propaganda arm, Nuttall or Korody (more likely Nuttall) wrote: “I wish I was with the Mujahideen… I hate this fitna and deception which surrounds me. Im all alone in my own society. Even the Masjids around here preach kufar Islam. Its bidda. Jazak Allahu khair Ackie. May Allah bring the Mujahideen victory over the enemies of Allah and free Philistine and AL-Aqsa. Shukraan for posting his great vid.”

The account also appeared to celebrate the killing of a number of Israelis in the Burgas terror attack in July 2012, which was carried out by Hezbollah. “[M]ahmoud Ummah Hezballah!” and “look at them cry lol! F*** you Israel from Canada!,” Korody or Nuttall wrote in two comments in response to a video that covered mourning by Israelis after the attack.

About eight months ago, one of the two suspects commented on another YouTube video, saying they wanted Iran to obtain nuclear weapons “that way everyone will leave them alone.” Similarly, in another posting the Nuttall or Korody wrote that “Iran IS the victim. They have not attacked anyone in their entire history since they fought the 300 Spartans.”

Nuttall and Korody’s account appears to have watched a number of videos related to missing FBI agent Robert Levinson. In the comments of one video about Levinson, Nuttall or Korody wrote, “This is bullshit, I doubt he even exists…Just more pro war propaganda.”

In October 2012, Korody and Nuttall’s only known YouTube account uploaded its only video, a report from Russia Today. The video questioned the “real reason” NATO intervened in Libya against Moammar Qadaffi.

On the paintball forum, Nuttall was known to post under the username “Mujahid.” Korody, on the other hand, used the username “PirateNinjaCat.” Nuttall was active on the forum between June and August 2012, while Korody ended her posts in July 2012. In one of her first posts on the forum, Korody noted that she was in “poor health.” Her health was a constant reference in many of her early posts. In some cases, she had to sit out matches due to it.

In many of the posts, the couple can be seen asking for rides to matches from other forum members. For example, in one Korody wrote, “I’m willing to compensate anyone who goes out of their way to pick us up, but I’d rather discuss the financial details in private.” A day before Canada Day 2012, Korody wrote on the forum “what better way to celebrate your countries freedom from England than by shooting each other in the face with brightly coloured paint. I think we’ve got white paint… who’s bringing the red?”

Korody and Nuttall were arrested on Canada Day 2013.

In one instance an argument broke out on the forum when Nuttall was referred to as “sketchy” by one of the other paintballers. In response, Nuttall explained his past use of methadone and said, “I have now been clean and off methadone AND all other drugs for one year now.”

It is not clear why Nuttall and Korody stopped participating in the online forum in the summer of 2012.

Both are scheduled to appear in court on July 9.