Center for Strategic Communication

The Korea Herald mentioned the American Security Project’s event with Joel Wit, a former State Department satellite imagery analyst and expert on North Korea, in their recent article discussing the Unites States’ approach to combating North Korean nuclear capabilities.

The United States is apparently losing its game with North Korea as the Barack Obama administration, stuck in “Strategic Patience 2.0,” is “skating dangerously close to accepting North Korea as a nuclear state,” an expert said here Tuesday.

Joel Wit, a former State Department official known for his expertise on North Korea, said Washington seems to be overly optimistic about Beijing’s possible shift in policy on Pyongyang.

“Everyone wants denuclearization,” Wit said at a forum hosted by American Security Project, a nonprofit think tank in Washington. “Everyone says, ‘Yes, denuclearization. That’s very important.’ But I think the only country who puts it at the top of the list of priorities is the U.S.”

You can find the full article here.

Event summaries on the imagery analysis and Mr. Wit’s policy observations can be found on the American Security Project website.