Center for Strategic Communication

[dots connected by Lynn C. Rees]



What did Lucius Aemilius Paullus know and when did he know it?

The path inaugurated by that question follows a specific route. A route is lit up by every move you make and every step you take.

At least if online.

In the beginning there was the circuit…

It followed a particular circuitous route. Each stage was preset. Once preset, you crossed your fingers and hoped the route could be unbroken.

If the path was broken, there’s a chance your fyrd Rohirrim friends with their non-existant cavalry might not get to Hastings the Pelennor Fields in time to defeat Guillaume le Batard Sauron and his Normans Orcs in time.

That would be a real poke in the eye.

Communications can be time sensitive. Not all of us have time to fight in the shade.

Or sit down to a meal.

Or have enough helots to pick up a new hobby.

Sometimes we need John Boyd restlessly pacing the sidelines heartily cheering “faster! Faster!! FASTER!!!”

And that’s why the NSA records (meta)data on all Americans.