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Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, US Navy (ret.), Brigadier General Steven Anderson, US Army (ret.), and Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, US Marine Corps (ret.) all from the American Security Project published a piece on Breaking Energy addressing energy security in the 21st Century. The piece describes how far the United States has progressed since President Nixon’s statement about becoming energy independent and describes future steps for the United States:

All this combines to mean that America must redefine “Energy Security” in the 21st Century.

Energy Security no longer means that all energy produced at home is good, no matter how polluting it is. Instead of focusing on where energy comes from, our country needs an energy policy that considers the real costs and benefits of our energy production and use. Increased investment in R&D for renewable energy sources and improvements are essential.

We need to realize that economic stability and environmental sustainability are as much a part of energy security as the threats of supply shortages.

A full copy of the Breaking Energy article can be found here.