Center for Strategic Communication

Ed King of Responding to Climate Change released an article today citing ASP’s report on global security perspectives on climate change.  The article described the G8’s recent statements and how they illustrate the growing trend for governments to link climate change with economic and security concerns:

The potential security impacts of extreme changes in the world’s climate have been studied in depth by leading militaries.

A report by the American Security Project NGO in April revealed 100 countries now regard it as a national security concern, with many concerned over localised conflicts as a result of drought and resource scarcity.

Some analysts have linked the growing confrontation between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of a dam across the Nile, as a classic example of resource conflict.

The Grand Renaissance Dam could provide Ethiopia with abundant energy, but threatens water flow further down the river. The Guardian reported Egypt President Morsi as saying the country was “willing to sacrifice blood to ensure that not one drop of the Nile is lost”.

A full copy of the RTCC article can be read here.