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Today is a day of eager anticipation for the national security world, as we await word on Kerry’s talks with Putin, Obama’s talks with Park, and cast a concerned eye to the upcoming Iranian election. On the climate side we have some encouraging news from the jobs sector, and interesting assessments of gas prices and shale refinement.

Kerry in Moscow to Bridge Gap with Russia on Syria
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in the midst of talks with Putin on how to partner and work towards resolving civil war in Syria.

Around the Halls: Israel Airstrikes in Syria
Comments from several members of Brookings’ Middle East staff on the implications of the airstrikes Israel launched on Syria on Sunday.

Gasoline Prices Tied to Ethanol, EIA States
The difference between premium and regular unleaded gasoline prices in the United States is a reflection of ethanol blends.

Reports: There Are More Solar Workers Than Coal Miners in the U.S.
Matthew Zetlin/ The Daily Beast
Coal still outweighs solar in energy use, but the labor market for solar energy has surpassed that of coal.

Candidates Register for Iran’s Presidential Election
The registration process has opened in Iran for candidates to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in next month’s presidential election. We here at ASP are watching closely, as the outcome of the election will largely determine nuclear developments to come.

President Obama on North Korea
The New York Times
On the day of his visit with South Korean President Park Geun-hye, President Obama spoke today on the North Korean nuclear threat and the path to amicable relations with DPRK moving forward.

Does Shale Gas Production Alter Equation For Climate Change?
Ken Silverstein/ Forbes
The shale gas industry has long thought that the Environmental Protection Agency would limit its possibilities. But a new report from the regulator is fueling the unconventional natural gas, noting that its heat-trapping emissions are much less than originally thought.

ASP Recently Published Reports

International Progress on Fusion Energy – How American Leadership is Slipping
Theodore J. MacDonald
ASP’s fact sheet, “International Progress on Fusion Energy” outlines the steps other countries are taking in developing fusion energy. Meanwhile, the U.S. is considering budget cuts to its fusion program, which will cause irreparable harm to the development of fusion power.

Perspective: The Defense Industrial Base
August Cole
The defense industrial base is tied to American competitiveness in the 21st Century. For that reason, leaders in the private and public sector must take steps to thrive during a drawn out period of changing expectations while also remaining committed to keeping the country strong through innovation, long-term investment and disciplined management.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

More Action Needed to Reduce Nuclear Dangers
Terri Lodge
Boston reminds us of the threat of nuclear terrorism, the spread of nuclear know-how, and the proliferation of nuclear components – none of which can be countered by huge nuclear arsenals.

EVENT RECAP: U.S. National Security and the New Somalia – Reflections from the Former Prime Minister
Paul Hamill
Listen to live audio of the former Prime Minster discussing the key issues in the U.S. -Somalia relationship, the progress already made in his country, as well as the political, economic and military challenges still ahead.

Syria Update: del Ponte Suggests Rebel CW Use But Commission Does Not Confirm
Eric Harris Bernstein
The UN’s Carla del Ponte told Swiss media that commission reports reveal “strong, concrete suspicions [but not] incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas” by rebel forces. If this is true, it will fly in the face of Obama’s planned policy direction.

American Competitiveness Must Be a Priority in Washington
August Cole
Many of the best solutions to strengthen American competitiveness are not new.

Sequestration’s Shadow Looms Large Over Latest Economic Data
August Cole
U.S. stock markets cheered Friday’s employment report, which offered a meaningful sign that the country’s employment situation is improving at a time of great political and economic uncertainty.

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