Center for Strategic Communication

Reconciling Patriotism and Global Responsibility

Sherry Mueller / The Public Diplomacy Council

How I wish I could have had leaders from the Middle East participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) or other State Department international exchange programs with me Tuesday evening.


EdTech for the Third World: Tech Tools

Mercedes Bell / Take Five Blog

Initiatives like OLPC and Worldreader are doing a great job to spread technology and learning with feature rich ed tech tools, but there’s only so much these organizations can do at once. A strong alternative to computer and tablet devices is the ubiquitous cell phone.


China’s Public Diplomacy runs on a One-way Street

Yao Xiao / The Exchange Journal

As a firm embracer of two-way symmetrical communication theory, I discovered, with sadness, that China’s public diplomacy efforts have long been following a one-way communication model.


Why a private equity Tycoon is funding a scholarship in China

Marketplace Education

So what can $300 million buy you in China? Perhaps, the Chinese version of the Rhodes Scholarship.


Can Seoul better convey N.K’s threat? With foreign media painting a doomsday scenario

John Power / The Korea Herald

43 percent of Americans said they believed a North Korean attack on the South was “likely” in the next six months, while 28 percent saw military action against the U.S. as equally plausible. Foreigners’ jitters were also manifest in recent weeks in dips in the local stock market and significant drops in tourist numbers. The latest posturing, of course, was nothing new, even if it was particularly aggressive.


China sees the best and worst of American in Boston bombing

Max Fisher / The Washington Post

For all the American obsession with security and safety, it’s the U.S.’s show of transparency, of coming together in common cause, that seems to be stirring jealously and even reverence in far-away China.


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