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North Korea sets preconditions for talks’restart

Hyung-jin Kim / The Associated Press

North Korea on Thursday demanded the withdrawal of U.N. sanctions and the end of U.S. – South Korea military drills as conditions for resuming talks meant to defuse tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Disaster Declaration Sought for Texas Blast Zone

Shelly Banjo, Nathan Koppel, and Ann Zimmerman / The Wall Street Journal

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he has asked the federal government for a disaster declaration to mobilize more help for this small community devastated by a deadly fertilizer-plant explosion.

Boeing, USDA, FAA Extend Aviation Biofuels Program

Environmental Leader

The USAD has extended for five years its agreement to work with the FAA and commercial aviation partners, including Boeing and industry trade group Airlines for America, to help develop a viable biofuel for the aviation industry.

The ITER Project: International Collaboration to Demonstrate Nuclear Fusion

Sabina Griffith / Journal of Energy Security

As one of the few options for a large-scale, non-carbon future supply of energy, fusion has the potential to make an important contribution to sustainable energy supplies.

Remarks On Media Freedom

Tara Sonenshine / U.S. Department of State

Today, I come to talk to you – the young minds of Georgia – about something that’s also deeply and profoundly important. And that’s media freedom. Why is media freedom so important? Because – as I often say – information is the oxygen that a free and civilized society needs to breathe. Without it societies suffocate.

Australia urged to formally recognize climate change refugee status

Bernard Lagan / The Guardian

Australia, a close neighbour of small, low-lying South Pacific states at the frontline of climate change, should be the first country to formally recognise climate change refugees, the country’s main refugee advisory body has said.

Europe ‘must be more competitive’


Europe needs to improve its economic competitiveness and catch up with Asia’s exporting prowess.

Egypt under subsidy reform pressure from IMF


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced it is asking Egypt for economic reforms before authorizing a $4.8b loan for the country. Egypt desperately needs the money but when previous governments tried to get rid of subsidies on food and fuel, it led to bloody riots.

Mark Warner: Debt worse threat than terror

Anna Palmer / Politico

A day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Sen. Mark Warner said that fiscal issues are more important than terrorism for the future of the country.

Kerry warns Congress against Iran sanctions

Julian Pecquet / The Hill

Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday warned Congress against forcing the Obama administration’s hand in dealing with Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

ASP Recently Published

Perspective – The Defense Industrial Base

August Cole

The Defense industrial base is tied to American competiveness in the 21st Century. For that reason, leaders in the private and public sector must take steps to thrive during a drawn out period of changing expectations while also remaining committed to keeping the country strong through innovation, long-term investment and disciplined management.

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Flashpoint Blog

Lockheed Martin Announces Plans to Build Ocean Thermal Pilot Plant

Nicholas Cunningham

Lockheed Martin recently made headlines with its interest in ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), a little known energy technology that could provide clean baseload power.

This Week in Public Diplomacy

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Kerry and Corker on North Korea

Magnus Newth

Sen. Corker recently published a critical op-ed on China’s lack of help on NK. Follows Sec. Kerry’s visit to the region and subsequent lull in rhetoric.

Michael Porter: American competitiveness is a foreign policy issue

August Cole

While American competitiveness is often framed in terms of productivity and the ability of business to succeed against increasingly capable global competitors, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter says there are also big implications for diplomats and others setting the U.S. agenda abroad.

U.S. and China Release Joint Statement on Climate Change

Justin Yarros

On April 13th, the United States and China released a joint statement which highlighted the need for large-scale action on climate change. The joint statement is a call for the two countries to strengthen existing agreements and promote economic development powered by green technology.

Red Line Risks

Eric Bernstein

In the fall of 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lobbied the UN to draw a fissile red line with Iran: If Tehran completes the 20% enrichment phase of their path to a nuclear weapon, then the UN should approve a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, he proposed.