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US Sparring Directly with Al-Qaeda fans Online

AFP / Global Post

The United States is deliberately sparring with Al-Qaeda supporters and militants online aiming to shoot down extremist messages and win over hearts and minds, a US official said Wednesday.


A Reporter Looks at Hillary Clinton’s Public Diplomacy

Philip Seib / The Huffington Post

The Secretary, by BBC correspondent Kim Ghattas, is a remarkable book. Not only does it provide an insightful record of life on the road with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but also it treats public diplomacy seriously.


The Role of Public Diplomacy in Countering Violent Extremism

Tara Sonenshine / The US State Department

Construction—and by that I mean building the infrastructures that offer positive alternative scenarios to violent extremism—is the bricks and mortar of public diplomacy.


Confronting Development Challenges with Celebrity (Chef) Diplomacy

Max Entman / Take Five Blog

In the last decade, the definition of cultural diplomacy has been expanding.  This expansion has been especially noticeable in the realm of the culinary arts.  The recent launch of the “Diplomatic Culinary Partnership” by the U.S. Department of State is one of many examples of this phenomenon.


Video Game is Latest US Diplomacy Tool

Carla Babb / Voice of America News

The U.S. State Department is using a new kind of public diplomacy to counter extremism. And it’s not what you’d expect.


Russia Reveals its Strategy for BRICS cooperation

Yuri Paniyev / Russia Beyond the Headlines

The Kremlin and Russian Foreign Ministry have released an official strategy for Russia’s participation in the BRICS association. The document stresses the need to turn the bloc into a comprehensive institution for daily cooperation on key global issues. In particular, Russia is looking forward to working with other BRICS nations to restructure global financial institutions.


 On Privacy, Networking and their meaning for Public Diplomacy

Igor Lyubashenko / New Eastern Europe

Wave 6, the latest edition of social media research by Universal McCann media agency, highlights an interesting difference in various nations’ attitudes towards privacy in social networking sites.


Cultural Exchange and the Politics of Suspicion

Robert Albro / CPD Blog

This past week the Washington Post ran a story about the troubles of Russian lawmaker Dimitri Gudkov, assailed by his government for having the temerity to visit the U.S. and address U.S.-Russian relations on Capitol Hill.


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