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Andrew Holland was quoted today in an Macleans article that discussed environmental protests over the Keystone XL pipeline. The article gives an overview of how the Keystone XL project came to be, and the benefits and problems that are associated with it. From the article:

Despite Keystone’s role as a flashpoint for the discussion over climate change, its true appeal among environmentalists is as a political tool, says Holland. In pushing Obama to veto the pipeline, activists have found one of the few environmental issues that can successfully make an end run around America’s often slow-moving political system. “It’s arbitrary that we’re choosing to go after the tar sands versus the Venezuelan heavy oil area,” he says. “For the environmentalists this is about the fact that you don’t have to convince a majority of 435 members of the House and 100 senators. You don’t have to convince the American people or the Canadian government. You just have to convince the President.”

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