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Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

John Vidal / The Guardian

Climate scientists have linked the massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across Britain and large parts of Europe and North America to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice.

 A Different Kind of Climate War: Global Warming and National Security

Mose Buchele / StateImpact

StateImpact interviewed Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) about the national security threat of climate change.

Donilon to Visit Russia in April for Missile-Defense Discussions

Henry Meyer & Ilya Arkhipov/ Bloomberg

U.S. National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon will visit Moscow next month to discuss issues including missile defenses, said Yuri Ushakov, President Vladimir Putin’s foreign-policy aide.

Billion Dollar Baby

Jeffery Lewis/ Foreign Policy

Last week, newly installed SecDef Chuck Hagel sidled up to a podium, flanked by Undersecretary for Policy Jim Miller and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Sandy Winnefeld, to announce four significant changes to the U.S. missile defense program.

In Latest Bellicose Statement, North Korea Puts Artillery Forces at Highest Combat Posture

AP/ Washington Post

North Korea’s military warned Tuesday that its artillery and rocket forces are at their highest-level combat posture in the latest in a string of bellicose threats aimed at South Korea and the United States.

Syrian Opposition Takes Seat at Arab Summit

Reuters/ NY Times

Syrian opposition leaders took Syria‘s seat at an Arab League summit for the first time in Doha on Tuesday, live television coverage showed.

5 Police Officers Killed in Bomb Attack in Afghanistan

Azam Ahmed/ NY Times

Eight suicide bombers stormed the headquarters of a special unit of the Afghan police in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Tuesday morning, killing five officers and wounding four.

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A Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change: Preliminary Results

Andrew Holland and Xander Vagg

The American Security Project releases the preliminary results of a new resource on climate change and national security: The Global Security and Defense Index on Climate Change. The Index analyzes how governments around the world and their militaries plan for and anticipate the strategic threats of climate change.

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Making the Case for U.S. Leadership in Pacific

August Cole

Last week, Deputy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter visited U.S. allies in Asia, the latest emissary sent forth to reinforce the shift of U.S. military and diplomatic focus from the Middle East and Central Asia to the Pacific

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