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Alec Ross on Twitter and digital diplomacy


Twitter today celebrates its seventh birthday. More and more diplomats are increasingly turning towards social media which is seen as an important and powerful tool.  The BBC’s Lucy Hockings was joined by Alec Ross, who was the senior advisor for innovation to the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and has worked on digital diplomacy around the world.


Progress Is Reported in Arms Talk with Russia

David M. Herzenhorn / the New York Times

Russian and American officials on Thursday reported progress in discussions about nuclear weapons reductions, in a sign that renewed cooperation may be under way just days after the United States canceled part of a Europe-based missile defense program that had infuriated the Kremlin.


House Approves Full Funding for NNSA Nuke Work

Chris Schneidmiller / the Nuclear Threat Initiative

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved full funding for nuclear weapons operations at a branch of the Energy Department in a budget that will keep the federal government operating through the rest of the fiscal year.


Obama: US Will Do ‘What Is Necessary’ to Stop Iran

Associated Press

President Barack Obama is warning Iran that the U.S. will “do what is necessary” to prevent the Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.


Environmentalists, Drillers Reach ‘Truce’ For Fracking Standards

Elizabeth Shogren / NPR

A group of environmentalists and drilling companies has crafted a truce of sorts over the rapid spread of natural gas production in the Appalachian Basin. Four major drilling companies and several environmental groups have agreed on 15 voluntary standards for cleaner drilling practices.


Russia says Iran nuclear talks progress but could still unravel

Steve Gutterman

Russia said on Thursday that Iran and six global powers made progress in expert-level talks this week on the standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program but there was no breakthrough and that backsliding remained a danger.


ASP Published Today

 The Global security Defense Index on Climate Change: Preliminary Results

Xander Vagg

The American Security Project releases the preliminary results of a new resource on climate change and national security: The Global Security and Defense Index on Climate Change. The Index analyzes how governments around the worlds and their militaries plan for and anticipate the strategic threats of climate change.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

Forsaking our Relationships

Matthew Wallin

Public diplomacy relies on being credibly, following through on promises, and building trust relationships. Leaving our partners to fend for themselves runs contrary to all of these things.


The Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change: Preliminary Results

Xander Vagg

Yesterday evening, thet American Security Project released the preliminary results of the “Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change.”


Event Review: Energy Security Trust Fund

Danielle Parillo

On March 19, Securing America’s Future Energy held and event discussing the Energy Security Trust Fund.