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ASP released the preliminary results of its Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change, which found some striking results. Nearly 3/4 of all countries around the world view climate change as a security threat.  The extent to which countries are planning for climate change varies, but these findings indicate an increased level of attention that global security establishments are paying to climate change. ASP’s report and its authors, Andrew Holland and Xander Vagg, were quoted in Inter Press Service:

The Index, which will go online later this spring and be constantly updated, will catalogue official documents and statements by national governments – and particularly their military establishments — about the relationship between climate change and security issues.

“In many nations, the armed forces are the most respected arm of government, and their action on climate change can raise awareness throughout the country,” according to ASP’s Andrew Holland, who co-authored the report with Xander Vagg.

The review’s release comes amidst growing frustration among both climate scientists and activists over the slow pace and weakness of multilateral and unilateral efforts to curb the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

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