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Earlier today, uniformed Afghan security forces attacked a US military base in eastern Kapisa province, killing a civilian contractor. Three Afghan troops are also said to have been killed in the incident.

A statement issued by ISAF today said: “Individuals wearing Afghan National Army uniforms turned their weapons against International Security Assistance Force members in eastern Afghanistan today, killing one ISAF-contracted civilian.”

According to Khaama Press, “several” armed men, said to be Afghan National Army soldiers and Afghan police officers, attacked the base in Kapisa City “while Afghan soldiers were leaving the military base and a verbal conflict started between US and Afghan soldiers.”

The attackers were equipped with “equipped with Humvee armoured vehicles and modern military equipment,” Khaama Press reported.

The Khaama report stated that one US soldier and one Afghan soldier were killed in the attack, and that no one was injured. According to ISAF, however, it was a civilian US employee, not a US soldier, who died in the incident.

In response to an inquiry by The Long War Journal as to details of the attack, ISAF stated:

We can confirm that one ISAF-contracted civilian died when three individuals wearing Afghan National Security Forces uniforms and driving an ANSF vehicle forced their way on base and turned their weapons against International Security Assistance Force service members and civilians today in eastern Afghanistan. All three individuals were killed during the engagement and the area has been secured by ISAF and ANSF. Afghan and coalition officials are looking into the circumstances of this incident.

Today’s attack is the second green-on-blue, or insider, attack on Coalition forces in Afghanistan this year. The previous attack took place on Jan. 6 in Wardak province. Last year, green-on-blue attacks accounted for 15% of Coalition deaths. The attacks have tapered off in recent months as partnering of Afghan and Coalition troops has been reduced. [See LWJ special report, Green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan: the data.]

Update: The Associated Press reports that the attack took place in the Tagab district of Kapisa province, and that three US soldiers were also wounded in the attack. According to AP, the Taliban claimed in a statement that the attackers were from the Afghan army.