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China, U.S. Reportedly Agree on U.N. Sanctions Against North Korea


After weeks of deliberation, China and the United States have reached agreement on a U.N. Security Council sanctions measure to punish North Korea for its Feb. 12 trial nuclear detonation.

Spending Cuts Won’t End Pressures On Pentagon Budget: Analysts

Reuters/ Aviation Week

Budget cuts that force the Pentagon to slash $46 billion in spending this year would do little to relieve long-term financial pressures facing the military, but it could lead the services to begin addressing the issue, analysts said on Friday.

China Boosts Energy and Emissions Goals After Record Smog

Bloomberg News

China will step up efforts to cut its emissions and improve energy efficiency this year after record air pollution in Beijing, where the national legislature opened its annual meeting today.

Cabinet Picks could Take on Climate Policy

John M Broder and Matthew L Wald/ NY Times

President Obama on Monday named two people to his cabinet who will be charged with making good on his threat to use the powers of the executive branch to tackle climate change and energy policy if Congress does not act quickly.

Solar Powered Airplane to Fly from California to NY This Spring

Jared Anderson/ Aol Energy

History will be made when the first transcontinental airplane flight made with zero liquid fuel takes place this spring. The solar-powered plane called the Solar Impulse will travel from San Francisco to New York using 11,628 photovoltaic cells, severallithium polymer batteries and four 10 horsepower electric engines. The plane’s wingspan is the size of a Boeing 747, it weighs about as much as a car and has as much power as an average scooter.


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This paper examines the geopolitical benefits of removing restrictions on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports to two key regions- Europe and Asia.


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Obama Elects Ernest Moniz as the Next Energy Secretary

Theodore MacDonald

President Obama today officially nominated nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz to become the thirteenth United States Secretary of Energy.